DeNoize Eclipse - Glass speaker

DeNoize is a company that develops smart window technology which transforms any glass facade into a noise- cancelling system. Actuators on the edge of the glass make the glass vibrate in the required frequency to produce counter vibrations. With this same technology DeNoize wanted to create a sound producing product. They asked us to conceptualise and prototype an embodiment design for such a glass speaker.

The glass speaker, named Eclipse, is a sound and light-producing object which invites users to relax by combining a auditory experience with accompanying illumination. Eclipse is a luxury product designed for those who want to want to enjoy music in an extraordinary manner. Eclipse consists of a large glass pane, with a control module at the centre. The user manually interacts with the control module to modify the sound and light characteristics. The base of the product houses the actuators which make the glass vibrate in the desired frequency.

DeNoize Eclipse Product Photo
DeNoize Eclipse Product Photo





Light mode

Pause - Play


Early concept.

DeNoize Eclipse Product Photo

An important aspect of the speaker was the sound quality and characteristics. We did extensive sound quality tests with glass to find the best possible dimensions for the glass.

DeNoize Eclipse Sound testing