Ik kan deze Minibieb op verzoek voor u maken. Prijs op aanvraag.

This street side library is used by neighborhood residents to exchange books with each other. The architecture of the surrounding houses was carefully considered while designing the library, to ensure that it fits in the overall ambiance of the street. While this particular district is almost a decade old, the library has a modest modern appearance which creates a subtle contrast with its environments.

The bookcase is equipped with a solar panel which provides power to the LED’s which light up during nighttime. The rugged steel shell protects the books from all kinds of weather conditions, while the wooden interior creates a cosy and warm setting for the books.

Design sketch Minibieb
Design sketch Minibieb Design sketch Minibieb Design sketch Minibieb Design sketch Minibieb

Multiple disciplines and skills were involved with the the design and realization of the library. In the design phase I learned to design for sheet metal. These lasercut sheet metal parts were then bended by hand. Subsequently, I had to weld the base. The integration of the solar panel was educative on an electronics level.

Design sketch Minibieb Design sketch Minibieb